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Opening of the Solo exhibitioin of Tanja Playner with Ernst Piech (Grandson of Ferdinand Porsche)
Artproject "Pop Art on the road"

in collaboratin with Karl Kralowetz (HISPANO)

foreign minister of Austria Sebastian Kurz with well known Pop Artist Tanja Playner vice mayor of Salzburg Harald Preuner with Pop Artist Tanja Playner
TV presenter, writer and actress Arabella Kiesbauer with Pop Artist Tanja Playner Austrian television and radio presenter Barbara Stöckl with Pop artist Tanja Playner

The most important starting points of Tanja Playner is the dynamic life of the city, nature and people who are at the center.

Her works are unique and unmistakable. They let the hearts of many people beat higher. With your messages love, joy, and optimism, lifestyle thrilled Pop Art artist Tanja Playner the world.

From Los Angeles via Washington, Miami, New York, via Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Milan, Moscow, Dubai, New Delhi, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Brisbane and Rio de Janeiro to South Africa is Pop Art by Tanja Playner known and popular. The artworks of the artist Tanya Playner were shown in art museums from Miami and California till the Carrousel du Louvre.

The soothing beauty leave the work, the viewer into the world Image plunge. Experience the work by Tanja Playner after the motto "Take your time, and become part of the action "

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Exhibition of Tanja Playner on youtube:

“Only those who dare to fail on a
large scale, can succeed in a
big way”

Robert F. Kennedy

Tanja Playner in the PAKS Gallery

Ernst Piech (grandson of Ferdinand Porsche) withPop Art artist Tanja Playner Pop Art artist Tanja Playner
Pop Art Tanja Playner with italian actress Antonella Salvucci  
Dr. Andreas Kohl, Pop Art artist Tanja Playner Germany`s next top models Lena Gercke
Tanja Playner with Dr. Gerhard Ofner, Owner of castle Neuberg Franz Aigner and President of Austria Dr. Heinz Fischer First Lady of Austria Margit Fischer with worldwide famous Pop Art artist Tanja Playner
Tanja Playner with Fashion Designer Emanuel Burger Celebrity Star Jazz Gitti and Pop Art artist Tanja Playner

Pop Art Exhibition: In the Service of Peace

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